"When should we tell her?" Persephone heard her mother whisper. A gruff and masculine voice answered her question. "I have it all planned out, she'll find out sooner than later." "Will she get hurt?" Her mother replied. Persephone had had enough of this. She burst into the kitchen only wishing she hadn't. Next to her mother was a man she had never seen before. She had thought it was one of her mother's many suitors but it wasn't. A handsome man was standing there in a black suit. The only thing that seemed unnatural was his red tinted skin. Upon seeing her he bared a look of annoyance but her mothers face had turned from a look of shock to a look of sheer terror. "I thought we had made a deal. The girl was to be out of the house while we talked." Persephone's mother moved her lips to defend herself but no sound came out. The strange man showed to emotion as the next words came out. "I'm sorry, Marie, but due to your incompetence I have to take extreme measures." His skin turned several shades darker until it hurt to look at him. His clothes ripped and dozens of thick tentacles grew out of his back squirming as if they had been trying to break free from the tight suit for quite some time. Her mother scrambled frantically as if she was trying to escape but the mans gaze never once strayed from her. A cloud of smoke appeared at her feet and slowly rose over her body until there was nothing left. The man then turned his gaze to Persephone. "I'm sorry it had to come about like this dearie. You had such a bright future ahead of you." Had? What was he talking about? What will he do to me and where's my mother? wee just some of the many questions that swirled around in her head. He walked up to her and kissed her cheek. She was too startled to move her legs. The mans tentacles then grew and wrapped themselves around him and squeezed, almost as if they were trying to squeeze the life out of him. In less than a second he was gone, he had just disappeared leaving nothing but a small pile of red dust on the kitchen floor to show that he had been there.