Legopanama And I gtg eat soon.. 5:16 I'mDivergent MY ANACONA DONT WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HUN 5:16 JosephHawk Let's try to keep religion out of chat, please 5:16 Legopanama ? 5:16 I'mDivergent


5:16 Legopanama


Anaconda? 5:16 I'mDivergent


5:16 JosephHawk watch the caps 5:16 Legopanama Wut? What does Anaconda have to do with bread? 5:16 Scarlet Outlaw joseph calm down what are you the nypd on chrismas 5:16 I'mDivergent wHAT ar E CaPs 5:16 Kai Blade

  • hands out Hamburger Buns* I hope your anaconda would like some buns.

5:16 Scarlet Outlaw ? 5:16 Legopanama Guys, who wants to play SW Trivia! 5:17 I'mDivergent Not those kind of buns 5:17 Scarlet Outlaw kai i do not want your buns and hambergers 5:17 Legopanama ? 5:17 I'mDivergent Weiner buns 5:17 Legopanama You mean like Cinnamon Buns?? 5:17 Scarlet Outlaw i got my hambergers here since i own my own tavern 5:17 Legopanama What is weiner? 5:17 Scarlet Outlaw a hot dog 5:17 I'mDivergent a long piece of meat